‘I’ll Just Do It Later:’ The Price We Pay for Procrastination

One of the worst mentalities that you can have, especially as a member of the largest student organization in the U.S., is one of procrastination. As the saying goes, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today,” and although this can be seen as cliché, its meaning holds true. We can all be guilty of some procrastination at times, but what we learn is that the price we pay for it is a price we certainly cannot afford.

The Cost

Procrastination is like eating junk food - you know it’s not good for you, but you do it anyway. When eating these foods, you risk your body not being the best version of itself; similarly, when procrastinating, you sacrifice optimum efficiency. Even though it helps to brainstorm, too much time results in a last-minute rush. It is easier to pace yourself than to cram information into your brain or slather together a presentation.

Don’t Wait in FBLA

In regards to FBLA, waiting until the very last minute for anything can definitely cost you major success - be it securing a guest speaker for the next chapter meeting or earning your ticket to the National Leadership Conference. One way to relieve yourself of this is to immediately start working towards what you have to do. Begin studying, practicing, or working 0n any project to further increase your chances of success.

Additional Tips

The entire project does not need to be finished the day you find out about it. Even if you only jot down notes/ideas about what you will do, you accelerate the process.

Use motivational quotes or stories to keep yourself (Follow @warecofbla for Motivational Monday quotes).

Utilize your calendar/planner: setting deadlines for small tasks to help accomplish the big one

Do Not Eat the Donut (Procrastination Donut, That is)

Deciding to complete a project in a timely manner is easier said than done, but when you decide to “put it off until tomorrow,” you are cheating yourself out of the potential benefits you may reap. Don’t let procrastination continue to be that calorie-packed donut that you indulge in frequently, because that only fuels the never-ending cycle of unhealthy habits that will only hinder you in the long run.

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